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”Painting is like a sailing or travelling in mind, time and space to explore our beautiful world. It is also a way to create your own Universe and fill it with colours of love, peace, hope and happiness.

My name is Stanislav Suprunenko and I very much love the nature and for 20 years have been working on various environmental protection projects. That is why in my painting you will see mainly natural landscapes, mountains and seaside. The nature is unbelievably beautiful and every part of it is an endless source of inspiration and positive energy. I want to capture those feelings and emotions in the picture, try to preserve the beauty of nature and also to share the love to our mother Earth and show through the art that we should protect our planet. I share painting with my other hobbies of sailing and traveling, where I find endless horizons of happiness, creativity and exploration. And from every interesting trip and adventure I bring inspiring memories to transform them into painting to continue that beautiful journey…

I am a trustee and tutor at Ukrainian Arts Hub –

I am also Ukrainian and during this extremely tragic time for my country I am doing my best to help Ukraine and Ukrainian people also through the art. All sales from my artworks I donate to Ukrainian army and for medical support for injured people.

I very much ask everyone to stand with Ukraine and protect our common future, our families and our values!

We are strong together and can stop Russian aggression!

On this website you can find more information on charity projects I support, also my project “Embrace the World” and a gallery of my artworks.